Berkey Shower Head Filter is the Best Filter to Prevent Damaging Hair and Skin from Chlorine (My Review)

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Why is it important to purify your shower water?

I have listed a few reasons below why purifying your shower water is crucial to a holistic healthy lifestyle.

First Chlorine:

chlorine in your shower is ruining your hair

Wherever you may live there are water treatment plants designed to clean our water from unwanted bacteria, virus, gases, and various other chemical compounds.

The city, with their best intentions in mind, tries to clean our water to keep it from harming us.

Unfortunately they add Chlorine to kill these bacteria and pathogens.

Now, while this has had proven results to drastically improve the over all health of the individuals consuming the water there are many other side affects that we, as consumers face.

Chlorine is very hard on our hair and skin…

  • Chlorine strips away oils that are naturally occurring in our skin and hair.
    • These naturally occurring oils are meant to protect your hairs color, body, and strength.
    • The Choline strips away proper minerals and proteins from your hair.
    • This results is itchy red skin and dry brittle hair.
    • Chlorine can cause a chemical reaction and drastically change that new color just received from you salon or barber.

Second Copper:

green hair removed by filter water in copper pipes

We have all heard the story: A girl comes running from the bathroom squealing “my hair is green, my hair is green”. For a long time the rumor was that Chlorine was the culprit for the green hair conundrum…

But it is not Chlorine…Copper is the issue!

  • Municipal water carries a variety of heavy metal contaminants.
  • Many Homes carry water to your shower through copper piping.
  • Copper ions will connect with side chains in the amino acids in the hair.

Third Calcium & Magnesium:

calcium deposits are keeping you from getting clean in the shower

Calcium and Magnesium are elements found in municipal city water.

These Elements keep you from getting clean in your daily shower!


These elements create a chemical reaction with fatty acids in your soap causing your shower to be ineffective because of an insoluble lime soaps.

Positive calcium ions come in and replace sodium ions in your shampoo or soap which leaves you with lime scale deposits on your skin and in your hair.

Simple hard water test!

When you lather up with soap or shampoo does it become soapy very easily, or does it take a lot of soap to get some suds?

Effects of Hard water on your skin and hair:

Hair: Have you noticed how your hair reacts differently at home, at the gym, or away on a trip? this is because the hard water varies between each locations.

Depending on the location you may find smooth straight hair, frizzy hair, etc…

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Fourth – Your Shower may be Harmful to you!

How can a shower be harmful?

Steam, Steam, Steam…Inhalation!

When steams arises in your shower the finite contaminants in your water become breathable.

You are actually breathing in harmful chemicals!

While you are attempting to clean your outsides, your insides can actually become contaminated!

How you can become clean with your shower and remove harmful chemicals from your skin, hair, and inhalation (which can be carried through your blood stream).

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NOTE: the Berkey Shower Head Filter is different from the Big Berkey Water Filtration system. While the Shower head filter does remove many harmful chemicals, calcium, and hard water elements it is not intended to filter for drinking water.

remove harmful chemicals chlorine and green hair

Are you concerned about your drinking water?

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